3D Puzzle - Undersea Adventure


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While you are building up this 3D puzzle from Cubicfun National Geographic series, you will make new animal friends and get more knowledge from under the sea. Compared with traditional puzzle, CubicFun's has a strong three-dimensional sense so that your hands-on ability and logical thinking will be fully encouraged. Learn while assembling, encourages kids hands-on ability, and logical thinking. Compare with traditional puzzle, it has a strong three-dimensional sense. Lots of fun: The whole family will get lots knowledge, and will put the cartoon sticker on the book page while built up the model. 


While assembling, you will get lots of real world knowledge. 
The Arctic with 63 pieces including 28 page information booklet. 
It was made from EPS foam board, eco-friendly protection as well. 
Safe & Green: No tools and glue needed,easy to assemble. 
Encourages your hands-on ability, and logical thinking. 
Finished size 26.5 × 50 × 17.6 cm 

5yrs +