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For The Love Of The Photograph - Chloe Lodge

For The Love Of The Photograph - Chloe Lodge

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For The Love of The Photograph is a small yet mighty photography book written from the heart with the aim of triggering ideas, raising questions and nurturing thoughts as you follow your own journey as an image-maker and storyteller.  It can be consumed cover to cover in one sumptuous feast or dipped into as source of inspiration every now and again.

The ten distinct chapters include the art of visual language, storytelling and the wonder of light. There are chapters on ways to be creative, the joy that is the physical image and my thoughts on the rollercoaster of social media. It’s a book of delights and insights illustrated with captivating imagery from countryside life in New Zealand. What you will learn from it today will be different to what you could learn from it in six months or a few years time, so keep it close and draw it in when your heart is craving more. 

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