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Make It Real Colour Fusion Nail Polish Maker


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Create nail polish colors as unique as you are!

Create custom nail polish colors meant just for you. The Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker allows young designers to mix over 200 nail polish colors in glossy or shimmer finishes.

Follow the simple steps. Match, Make. Mix.
Match: To make a custom color, use the free app to match an inspiration color, use a formula from the recipe book, or try your own mix.
Make: Insert the base pod and set the color formula. Colors then dispense into the base pod.
Mix: Remove the pod, insert it into the bottle and twist on brush cap. Shake it up. It’s now ready for use. Make polish for 5 manicures or pedicures per bottle.

Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker makes over 200 custom colors. Kids, ages 8 and up, can experience up to 120 manicures or pedicures. This set uses an unscented, water-based nail polish formula. It comes complete with styling tools and nail art inspiration.

Kit includes:
1 Color fusion nail polish maker unit
3 Color tubes: cyan, magenta, yellow
12 White glossy water-based capsules
12 White shimmer water-based capsules
1 Nail file
1 Small tip tool
1 Large tip tool
1 Blending tool
1 Cuticle pusher
1 Black tester cup
4 Brush-cap bottle capsule holders
1 Instruction sheet with 60 color recipes
Free app for Android or iOs
No batteries needed