Salt & Oil Natural Epsom Salt Unscented Soak Pouch


SKU: SO Epsom

Epsom Salt isn't just for your Nana! Why should she get all the mind and body relaxation? Don't you need some too?! I bet you go to the gym and have a more stressful job than she does!

Epsom salt is a great source of Magnesium (can relieve sore muscles and cramps, enhance sleep, and create a feeling of well-being and relaxation) and Sulphates which are useful for your gut health and help rid your body of toxins.

NB - You might see other Epsom salts for sale that claim to be 'made from natural Magnesium Sulfate'. If it is 'made', it's not natural! Our Epsom salt is a rare, natural one, mined in Germany, NOT made from magnesium and sulphate in a factory. Our Epsom salt is food grade. You will see the difference when you try it - the grains are finer and resemble salt, as opposed to the bigger crystal-like pieces you'll see most of the time.

This is an unscented bath soak, also suitable for use as a foot soak and body scrub.