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Bird of Paradise LED Warmer

Bird of Paradise LED Warmer

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The Bird of Paradise Glass Touch Lantern Warmer sports a heavy, touch-sensitive base, which controls 3 levels of intensity: Low, Medium, and High, allowing you to customize the intensity of fragrance.  Made of durable a silver metal Base and glass warmer.

 The bird of paradise represents new freedoms and the opportunity to find good fortuneOne of the only flowers actually pollinated by birds, the Strelitzia is named “Bird of Paradise” because its blossoms, when fully opened, resemble the wings of a bird in flight.

FREE SAMPLE OF SCENTCHIPS WITH PURCHASE (10 Scent chips -blend of flavours) 

NEW LED warmer. Goes through 8 colour changes while melting our unique scentchips in the glass dish on top, giving off a beautiful fragrance of your choice from our huge range. Can also be left on a single colour. Scentchips again, bringing beautiful ambience and fragrance to your home


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