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Melissa Sharplin Kereru Crash Helmet

Melissa Sharplin Kereru Crash Helmet

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A4 Print

Locally created beautiful artwork by Melissa Sharplin

Step into the whimsical world of New Zealand's native wildlife with our exclusive Kererū crash helmet art print. Capturing the charm and eccentricity of this beloved wood pigeon, our print offers a playful twist that's sure to bring joy to any space.

The Kererū, also known as the wood pigeon, is renowned for its love of berries, particularly those that have fermented. As a result, these delightful birds are occasionally spotted in a tipsy state, leading to comical mishaps like crashing into things or taking unexpected tumbles from trees. Our art print captures this endearing aspect of Kererū behavior with a humorous touch—a Kererū sporting a crash helmet, ready to take on the world with both whimsy and resilience.

Each print is meticulously crafted to showcase the Kererū's distinctive features and vibrant plumage, ensuring a stunning centerpiece for any room. Hang it in your kitchen, living room, or home bar to add a touch of Kiwi charm and laughter to your decor. It's also the perfect gift for bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone who appreciates a good laugh.


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